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Post  Stokes on Tue Nov 09, 2010 2:28 pm

There are no bullshit 'Score Per Minute' or 'K/D' requirments. There are a few rules, which should be followed out of respect for other squad-mates.

-Point Cheesing: If you're a medic, don't fucking revive a squad-mate in the middle of a firefight. Fuck your score,the shit is annoying-don't do it. It happens on accident from time to time-just don't abuse it.

-Camping: Wookies and spawn whores are not welcome in SDS. Base raping is funny as shit so it will be allowed--just be clever with it.

-Inviting others to join the squad: If you have a friend that wants to join the squad shoot me or another mod a PM. A match will be organized to view the player before he or she is allowed to wear the clan-tag/post.

-Newds in the forum: Are only authorized if a female is depicted.

- Posting Off-Topic shit in the wrong forums: Don't do it. I'll drop my fucking hammer.


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